The Lowdown on Leopard Geckos

Hello! Welcome! I hope you all are well!

As some of you may know, I bought a leopard gecko not long ago. His name is Loki Rhonan Calibur and he’s a precious carrot tail morph. He’s a Petsmart buy. The staff was extremely knowledgeable about leopard geckos and I have gone back multiple times with questions and ideas. Every time they were very helpful and informative. I definitely recommend them if you’re a first time leopard gecko mommy/daddy.

I got Loki when he was basically as juvenile as they come (pet store wise). He was very tiny… only about the size of my palm… and his markings were simple yellow and black, as typical with most baby leos. I chose him based on personality. He was the least jittery/feisty and the easiest to catch in the cadge. Some people like feisty though. Since I’m a first time mommy, I wanted one that was pretty laid back… and he is!

My cadge set up at that point was pretty simple. I had 10 gal tank, tan lizard carpet, a simple rock hide for the cool side, two logs to play on, a half log hide for the warm side of the tank, a heat lamp for above the tank during the day, a heating pad for under the tank during the night, and a water dish. The heating pad and heat lamp were on timers so they’d go off and turn on at the same time every day and keep his tank nice and warm.  It wasn’t much but then again, he was just a baby. He didn’t NEED much. After having this set up, I’d read that using paper towel substrate would have been better for my little guy at this point in his life but I had already had the carpet and he really did just fine. However, my mother is a master of yardsales and at one in particular… she found awesome new hides for my little guy as he started to grow up.


Yay for variety! As you can see, He’s changed a lot since my first day with him. Leopard Geckos grow very quickly. They reach adulthood at about 6 months old and all the way up until that point, they have extreme rapid growth which requires more food and vitamins than an adult leo would need. In the shot above, he’s about 7 weeks old.

growingupHere he’s about 10 weeks old and just look how much he’s changed! You can now see why he’s a carrot tail morph because his tail is orange while the rest of him is yellow. He’s still getting more orange creeping down his sides which isn’t uncommon for carrot tails and his black spots on his back are continuing to diminish and get smaller. His head spots stay the same, though, as do his tail spots… but his tail keeps getting more and more orange (I love that). In order for Leo’s to grow, though, they need to shed. All reptiles shed but lizards shed differently than snakes. Snakes sort of just roll out of their skins. Leos have to sort of pull it off of them. The moist hides help loosen the skin so that they can pull it off themselves easier. Here’s a shot of Loki at the beginning of a shed. From start to finish, it took him about 20-30 minutes total. Not bad if I do say so myself! If your gecko is having shedding issues, though, you can soak him in a very shallow Tupperware of warm water to loosen the stuck shed even more. If you need to, you can even gently pull some of it off but that’s only if you ABSOLUTELY need to. Otherwise, you really need to let your gecko do the work.

As Loki got bigger (now the size of my hand from finger tip to wrist), I had to expand and get him a larger terrarium.  A 20 gallon long slide top aquarium. My WONDERFUL mother found it on Craig’s List for 20 bucks. These sell in pet stores for something to the tune of 86$…. My momma is a beast.


The biggest controversy with Leos these days is what to use for substrate (what they walk on). As stated before, paper towels are the easiest, safest, and cheapest way to go but they aren’t very attractive or realistic looking. Lizard Carpet is the next best thing and what I had. It’s easy to clean, more attractive, and reusable. The downsides are that the fibers can get wrapped around the lizard’s toes and cut off circulation. I also noticed that when hunting, Loki would accidentally grab the carpet along with his cricket and then couldn’t figure out how to let go of the carpet so he’d just rip the fibers off and end up eating them. It couldn’t be good for his little tummy and I also knew that the carpet could keep bacteria in it that could be potentially harmful for him. I wanted something that was both attractive and realistic looking but ALSO safe for my lizard. I knew sand was out of the question because, though nice to look at, it collects bacteria, and the lizard can ingest the sand and cause impaction which is very painful and often leads to death. Leopard Geckos need calcium to keep their bones healthy just like we do but only more so for them. I feed my feeder crickets gut loaded calcium gel water which puts nutrients into the crickets AND adds extra calcium to them. Then when I feed him, I switch every other day between Herpavite (or lizard vitamins) and calcium powder. But if a lizard feels like he/she doesn’t have enough calcium, they will try and eat the sand substrate which would cause impaction.
Other websites and lizard owners have created their own lizard habitat using foam, wood, cement, clay, and even building putty (calk). It’s a lot of time and money spent into making a cadge (which isn’t a problem for me) but I wanted to make sure there was NOTHING that could cause my lizard harm (chemicals, toxic paints, ect.). So I did some research on where exactly leopard geckos come from.
Leos are found in the mountainous arid desert regions of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. They live in the desert, yes… but they do NOT live in the sand. They live on the sandstone cliffs and mountain regions within the desert. So my next thought was… well what about stone? And how would I find stone thin enough and easy enough to clean…..well what about flooring tiles? I headed to Lowes with my fabulous grandparents and picked up some slate tiles to put on the bottom of his terrarium. They’re beautiful, realistic, easy to clean, and there’s zero risk of impaction. Nothing to catch on his toes or get in the way of his hunting, and is as close to his natural habitat that I can get. I got two 12inX12in tiles and it cost me a whopping 3$ for the both of them. Soooo expensive right? 😛 I had to wash them super well though. They were really dirty when I got them. Just handling them made my hands get covered in this orange dust. I cleaned them by spraying them down with a mixture of 1 part apple cider vinegar to two parts water and scrubbing them with a wash cloth, then scrubbing them with another wash cloth that was soaked in water, then repeating steps one and two. I, then, dried them both with a towel to get any last bits of dirt from the tiles and then let them air dry in the sun the rest of the way. It made the colors in the slate really stand out too. So washing tiles before use= A MUST!

topviewHere’s a view from the top. On the left side of the terrarium is a small space of lizard carpet that wasn’t filled by the tiles. Loki’s a pampered little prince and likes his cool hide to be soft.


Front view


Another front view of the tank.

1) Cool rock hide
2) Moist Hide 1
3) Moist Hide 2
4) Warm Hide/Basking rock
5) Water Dish
6) Thermometer
7) Slate Tiles
8) Carpeted portion
9) Play Log
10) Heat Lamp

I plan on putting on one of those picture backgrounds that sticks onto the back of the tank to make it look even more realistic. I really love the way it’s all turned out and I think Loki does too. He had to explore every inch of the terrarium when I put him back in after putting the tiles in. At first, he kept licking/smelling the tiles as if to say “what IS this stuff?!?” And then he was like “ya dawg… I can roll with this.” (cuz my lizard is just SO ghetto.)

I fill the moist hides with peat moss and then spray the moss with water. The big tan round one holds the moisture better than the tall brown one does but he loves both of them. I see him in (and on!) both of them all the time. They’re some of his favorites.



Silly Loki lizard!!!! (yes I know the one on the right still has the green carpet but he was hanging out of his hide like he came home drunk. Lol SO silly!)

One thing Leo owners need to be careful of is over feeding! Your s’lizard (yes I meant to spell it like that) should have a plump tail but if his tail exceeds the thickness of his body and is more of a rounded shape instead of a long fat shape, Houston you have a problem, and that problem is an obese lizard. As said in the Leopard Geckos for Dummies book, Pg. 57, Ch. 5 Caring for your Leopard Gecko: “Healthy leopard geckos will have a curved body and some fat deposits behind the front legs. That’s normal. However, if the tail is almost round, or the body is round, or if your gecko never wants to move except to eat; then he’s probably obese. If your gecko stands up and his tummy is still dragging the ground, that’s obese.” DON’T LET YOUR LEO GET OBESE! OBESE IS BAD! NOT CUTE! It can mean a shortened life span for your leopard gecko which is sad…. and really pet obesity in itself should be considered animal abuse. It’s not cool peeps. So the more things your leo has to climb on and explore to exercise, the better! And chasing crickets is a fabulous way to exercise your leopard gecko. My Loki LOVES it. He knows when dinner time is and he’ll stare at me and watch me get the crickets ready for him.

(yes this is really his look when he’s watching me get his dinner)


“HURRY UP MOM! I’M HUNGRY!”                                                                       “MAAAAAA WHERE’S MAH FOOD!?”

Since Loki is still young, I feed him every night and give him about 4-5 crickets  a day. On days when I give him meal worms as snacks, I cut back and give him only 2-3 crickets and maybe 4-5 meal worms (cuz they’re small). When he was only a few weeks old, though, I would give him anywhere from 5-8 pinhead crickets a day because rapid growth requires a lot of work and work requires sustenance. It gave him a pleasantly plump tail and perfect body weight. I’ll cut back even more once he reaches full maturity and his metabolism slows. When he reaches full maturity, he should only need 3-4 crickets every other day and maybe a few meal worms in between just for fun. But in addition to how much I feed him, I also have provided lots of hides and toys for him to play on. And play he does! You wouldn’t think a lizard would really enjoy playing but surprisingly they do! But I was never more surprised than I was when he climbed his tall moist hide for the first time. My jaw just about hit the floor.

(sorry for how dark it is. It was in the evening when he’s most active and his heat lamp had turned off for the night)

Lokithemountaingoat“Look momma I a Mountain goat!”

Even when he’s out of his terrarium, he loves to climb all over me. One of his favorite perches is my shoulder… only now he’s started trying to climb to my head! I’m not totally comfy with that though. If babies can get their fingers stuck in hair, then why wouldn’t Loki? So I try to keep him off my head the best I can but sometimes he’s very determined!


As you can see, lizards are wonderful little creatures. I am positively obsessed with my little Loki. I’m as proud as a new mother and I’d do anything to keep my little Loki Lizard happy and healthy and entertained. If you have any questions or suggestions to me, just comment away. 🙂 I love comments. SO DON’T BE SHY!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! If you have a Leo, enjoy him/her! If you don’t… YOU SHOULD!!!! …. but only if you have the time and money to take care of them like they need. They’re living creatures and delicate ones at that. But if treated correctly, they can live well into their 20’s! So give ’em that chance and be a good, responsible lizard owner. HAVE FUN! AND GOD BLESS!

Random fact about me: I collect delightful little hand crocheted puff balls with eyes called “Buttfreckles”. They go on sale every Saturday at 3:00 on the Buttfreckle website. Like ’em on facebook for previews before she releases the next batch.


Health Smoothies!!!!

So I ADORE smoothies. Who doesn’t? They’re delicious and wonderfully cold on a hot summer day. I usually drink mine for breakfast and am pleasantly full for the rest of the day. They’re great to drink before exercising or just relaxing. I decided to blog some of my creations so you all can join in on the fun! Best part about these smoothies…. they’re either relatively or VERY healthy for you! 😀

All of these are made using a simple blender. I would not recommend a food processor.. I tried that with the first try on the orange smoothie and it was a disaster. My blender was broken at the time and I was too stubborn to wait…. Yeah you really should just wait… it turns into more of like a watery grave rather than a creamy fluffy yumminess 😛


Also, feel free to put chia seeds in any of these. They’ll do lovely and if you had texture issues with it in a simple liquid, this should help mask the gel texture and the chia seeds should get lost with the other seeds from the berries. It’s a great way to disguise these ultra healthy seeds!


Cantaloupe Dreamcicle This one is my most recent and dear goodness is it spectacular. SO creamy and light and refreshing. Matt got me my cantaloupe from the farmer’s market so it was even BETTER since it was homegrown and didn’t have any chemicals or preservatives on it. ❤


PeachThis is my peach Dreamcicle Smoothie. The ingredients are 1 cup ice, one cored and chopped peach, 2 and a half scoops of fat free vanilla ice cream. The peach I also got from Matt who got it at the farmers market. ❤ SO yummy!



Peanut butter Strawberry Banana Oatmeal smoothie. Very filling with lots of fiber 🙂


This Banana Mixed Berry Chia Smoothie has 1 cup ice, a whole banana, a handful of raspberries, a handful of blackberries, and two tablespoons of prepared chia seeds (see Sports Fitness and Health in the January archives for details on chia seed prep.) I mixed the chia seeds in after the smoothie was already blended in order to protect the gel and seeds from being massacred by the blender. This delicious smoothie is packed full of antioxidants, potassium, Omega-3, and protein. This is one power packed smoothie you endurance nuts won’t want to miss. Not to mention… it’s delicious!


Oh my dang…. this smoothie is SO refreshing and delightful and PERFECT for hot summer days. Similar to my favorite Cantaloup smoothie. This one’s like…. smooth, creamy, strawberry hinted orange juice floating on a lovely cloud of ice crystals to create the most beautiful harmony of flavors, textures, and relaxation. Definitely recommend this one!


This is a fun little smoothie for those of you who love chocolate!!! Especially Nutella chocolate!


Probably my favorite of the more dessert worthy smoothies. If you don’t want chunks on your smoothie, you can switch out the chocolate chips with chocolate syrup and it’s just as delicious. I’ve had it both ways. But this one is SO delicious and rich. A plus side to this smoothie: Cherries help you lose weight 😉 Just don’t get crazy with the chocolate. Less is more folks!



I won’t be stopping making smoothies so if y’all want to follow my Instagram (which is where I post everything as you can see :P) Go for it. 🙂 You can either search my user name: Cinderbell Or here’s a link to my page:

(in case you were wondering…. Cinderbell= Cinderella+ Belle)


Random Fact About me: I watch Pride and Prejudice whenever I’m depressed… or just feeling relaxed… or sick… or happy… or really any time I can cuz it’s so gosh dang wonderful it really doesn’t matter how much I watch it!  Oh Mr. Wickham!!!!!!!! -insulting imitation of Lydia-

Natural Skin Remedies and Makeup Tutorial.

So I’ve discovered  some things about myself over the past few months that have made a tremendous impact on my life and how I see myself. I’ve had acne on my face since birth and on my chest and shoulders since about Jr. High. I’ve literally tried every single acne treatment in the book including Acutane, which is the strongest medication there is and is suppose to kill it entirely….. It killed mine for about 6 months before it came back with a vengeance. So I started doing some research. I was getting desperate and I would give anything, no matter how far fetched it seemed, a try. Natural Remedies turned out to be the way to go. My skin is of the rare type where it reacts to ANY kind of chemical that gets on it, in the form of acne. So for all those years of me trying to kill my acne with chemicals, I was really only making it worse. So I found these natural treatments that, though they may seem a little gross and weird… work like a charm! Here’s a few facial masks and cleansers that I use to battle my acne.

ImageNotice the Hulk Smash picture. Hehehe

This one may seem a really weird and really gross but believe it or not, it works miraculously well. The point of the kitty litter mask is that Bentonite Clay is used to make kitty litter. When creating this mask, you want to use a kitty litter that is JUST the bentonite clay. NO CRYSTALS. I use Kitty Diggins, Fragrence Free, All natural Cat Litter. It’s about $1.00 at walmart and comes in a smaller sized bag so you don’t have a giant kitty litter bag just sitting around. The Bentonite clay is EXTREMELY absorbent so when used as a face mask, it literally absorbs all of the dirt and oils off your skin When I do it, I can actually see a film of white puss and oil over the mask that the clay pulled from my skin. Gross?? Yes extremely. Efficient??? Heck yes. This mask comes with several warnings, though.
1) Do not use if you have extremely dry skin because it will dry you out even more! On that note, don’t use mask more than once a week cuz it will dry out even oily skinned people if used to frequently! 2) Mud mask is EXTREMELY messy. I usually put it on, let it harden, and then hop in the shower to get it all off; otherwise it gets all over the counter and clogs your sink so ye be warned! -pirate voice-

How To Make the Kitty Litter Mud Mask

This mask should be applied to clean, moist skin.

1) Put about a teaspoon of kitty litter in a bowl.2) Add water until it turns into mud. To accomplish this, I mash the grains with a spoon after adding the water to create the mud. You want it to be just watery enough that there’s liquid on top and gritty mud on the bottom.
3) [not mandatory] add lavender or other fragrance of your choice. If you desire, you can use unflavored green or black tea instead of water to add extra nutrients to your skin and also
make the mask smell good (though it doesn’t really smell BAD to begin with. Just… earthy.)
4) Apply the water that’s on the top of the gritty mud generously onto your skin. You do NOT need to put the gritty mud on your skin. It’s over kill, messy, and the clay particles in the water are really enough for what you’re trying to accomplish.
5) If you desire, you can place green tea/black tea/chamomile tea bags over your eyes to function as cucumbers. 🙂 It’s really rather relaxing.
6) Let sit for about 5-10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water and pat dry.

ImageThis mask is wonderful for exfoliating and adding antioxidants and nutrients to your skin. I use Black Tea but you could also use Green Tea. Any tea you do use, make sure it’s not flavored.. we just want the tea here. Since it is an exfoliating mask, you’ll only want to do this one about once a week. Warning: Mask is MESSY!!! You’ll want to shower after you use it to rinse off all the tea grains or else you’ll get them EVERYWHERE.

How to Make the Tea Exfoliate Mask

Skin should be clean and wet.

1) steep a tea bag in hot water until tea is strong.
2) Remove tea bag, drain it thoroughly, rip it open, and pour contents into a bowl.
3) Add honey to create thickness to the mask, help the tea grains stick, and act as a natural moisturizer packed with antioxidants in both the tea AND the honey.
4) Apply generously to your skin, rub gently in circles to exfoliate. Do not scrub!
5) Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.


Yes I have a strange expression in this picture… cuz I’m weird like that and cant even really take myself seriously with this face mask on, lol.

This is the one that really works the magic. Bananas are loaded with potassium which is an acne murderer. It’s wonderful. The banana mask kills the acne and heals the blemishes at the same time. This one is recommended to use about twice a day.

How to make the Banana Mask

1) Eat a banana (yum)
2) Take the banana peal and rub the… pulpy?… inside AAAAAALLLL over your face till your skin’s nice and slick.
3) Let it sit for about 5 minutes until your skin feels like it’s got a crusty/sticky layer of goo all over it. (It will have a few streaks and patches of like a grayish brown color. Don’t worry about that.)
4) Rinse off in the sink with warm water and pat dry.

Follow up every mask with a healthy dose of moisturizer!! EVEN YOU OILY SKINNED FOLK! The reason why your skin is oily is because its actually dry and trying to over compensate by producing more oil to hydrate your skin. If you moisturize your skin daily, your oiliness should cut back significantly. 🙂 (I should know, I was amongst the oil skins at one point).

This is how drastically my skin has changed since starting to use Natural Treatments.

ImageNot only has my acne decreased significantly, but my skin now has a healthy glow to it that it lacked before. HURRAY!

Now here’s a video I made of some of the make up I use and how I apply it to my face for a natural healthy look. (DISCLAIMER! I have NEVER done a tutorial before so pardon my n00bishness. Also…. Sorry about my dog barking at the end of the video… the mailman dropped off a package. [oh the horrors].)


You also want to do some dietary changes to ensure healthy skin. Drink LOTS of water. I know you already probably have heard this a million times but it really does help. Eat healthy, none greasy foods. Greasy foods really go straight to your face and your fat. It’s gross. Grapefruit is a really good food for your skin, as are avocado, apples, and oranges.

I hope you all enjoy my face masks and my tutorial. I know it’s not the greatest yet but hey, I’m still learning. Good luck everyone and keep smiling! You all are BEAUTIFUL!

Random fact about me: I have Orthopterophobia- fear of crickets, grasshoppers, ect.

So very much in love <3


So this is what greeted me at the door a few days ago and gave me the most adorable gift i’ve ever received. I call Matty my “Dork in Aluminum Foil” and apparently he and my mom have been collaborating to create this: a tin foil suit of armor for my love to wear for me.
After I had gotten over the shock of finding my boyfriend wearing tin foil and cardboard, I took him upstairs to my room where he wanted to meet my new baby: a tiny leopard gecko named Amari.


So I lead him over to the tank to find an envelope sitting on top with the words “where do you go to get half clean?” Written on the front. I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes and it took me a minute to figure out what it meant. The half bathroom. So I ran downstairs to the half bathroom where i found my second envelope on the back of the toilet with another clue. At this point, Matt told me that i should be reading what was inside the envelopes too so I did. In each envelope was a slip of paper with an enduring character trait written on it. Next to that were the ways it described me. After hunting through the house to collect all the envelopes, the last one said “Read me a story. I think we have ‘great chemistry’ together.” I ran upstairs to my room and found my book “Perfect Chemistry” on my bookshelf. I opened it up and found the las envelope with the words “Honey Bee” written on it (my nickname). That one contained a whole page of loving character traits and said that they all described me. At this point I was beyond happy. It was the sweetest thing anyone had done for me; but that wasnt all. Taped to the back was a little plastic bag with this necklace in it.


A beautiful DoeXBuck heart necklace cut out of a quarter. I’ve always loved that design and my amazingly attentive gentleman remembered that. I swear his mind is like a steel trap. I was so overwhelmed. Here I was thinking that it was Matt’s birthday party and we were going to be doing things for him and he and my mom set this up for me. I was so incredibly overwhelmed and so happy and felt so loved. ❤

Matt did get his birthday party and it was a smashing success. I love doing and getting stuff for him just as much as he loves doing and getting stuff for me. I had a blast seeing his reaction to everything and celebrating my honey's
Birthday with my family. If he can top this, idk if I'll be able to even function properly with joy. Now I just gotta figure out something as awesome to do for him. ❤

A few weeks before that, Matt and I decided to have a candlelight dinner and make pasta. We ended up making two BOXES of pasta with two jars of sauce and a package of ground hamburger meat. It yielded way way more than we ever anticipated. (I blame him. His eyes were bigger than his tummy). This is what that evening looked like.


We even tried the Lady and the Tramp pasta thing.


That was such and incredible day…. We had gone for a walk at the nature center before hand and that evening laid around and watched movies on the couch. Another perfect day with my perfect Dork in Aluminum Foil. ❤

More Amari pictures ^_^ i love that lil lizard so much!



Here is a funny to lighten your day 🙂


Random Thing I find cute: tiny toes

Easter Happenings

I know It’s been forever and a day since last I posted but I’ve been busy busy BUSY… not to mention I was sick with two different illnesses in two consecutive weeks and didn’t feel like doing much of anything so… Now I’m back in business lol.
So the Easter holiday is coming up and I’d like to share with you some neat-o ideas I’ve found for various desserts, egg dying, and crafts that I’m sure you and the family will enjoy 🙂

Here Is a lovely link on how to make egg dyes naturally. Judging by the picture, I’d say they turned out quite nicely. In fact, i rather like these better than the normal dye if I do say so myself.


This technique is actually rather simple. After you hard boil your eggs, you simply crack the shell enough to create lines, THEN dye the egg. When you peal it, your egg will look like this. (if it’s food colouring, it won’t hurt you but if you’re one of those people who can’t psychologically eat coloured food… might not be the thing for you.)

Here’s a fun one where you use stickers to create shapes on your eggs 🙂 I guess if you’re really crafty you could use regular tape and an exacto knife to create your own shapes. I’d have fun doing that 🙂

Here is a completely FANTASTIC idea that I’d have so much fun doing as a future mom or as a child…. or as a silly college kid like I am. Cake eggs made with REAL egg shells! :O

This is a whole page full of fun sweets and crafts to do. The carrot strawberries are what caught my eye though.

I don’t know why but I just like this… cute center piece for the table

Mmmmm These look yummy!!!

For the Craftily inclined. Wrap Styrofoam eggs in yarn, glue the ends, then super glue onto a Styrofoam wreath

DIY Easter baskets! Soooo cute!

Want your children to enjoy the fun of Easter without all the cavities? Try this! 50 fun things to hide in easter eggs that ISN’T candy!

For those of you who are of the lovely Christian faith (me included) and who want your children to keep in mind the importance of Easter and not be distracted by all the candy and bunnies and fun, here’s a fun little picture you can give them to help remind them of why Easter is a holiday.

This is utterly brilliant. A Grace garden. It’s not only beautiful, it’s got the true meaning of Easter and it’s a fun way to experience nature, be green, and celebrate what our Lord and Savior has done for us. I love it. Grace Garden Tutorial.

This sort of speaks for itself.

I believe that it is extremely important to remember the real reason why Easter is even a holiday. Our Lord and Savior died and three days later He rose. Easter Sunday is the day we celebrate that. As a child, I got the typical Easter basket filled with candy and sometimes toys (usually stuffed animals because I was obsessed with them [still am cough cough]). My brother and I always knew the real meaning behind Easter but I know that I tended to get caught up in the silly side story of the Easter Bunny and didn’t really celebrate the real reason for Easter. I want to make sure my kids don’t have that. I want them to celebrate Jesus and what he did for us so that we could be eternally free. Sure, there can be an Easter bunny, but like the picture above, it’s going to represent things that glorify God and my child will learn that. 🙂 For those of you out there with similar views, I hope this blog was helpful and enjoyable for you.

I take no credit for any of the crafts, treats, or ideas. I just simply found and re-posted them for easy access to my readers.

Thank you all for reading my post. I hope you all have a fabulous Easter and that you all remember why that holiday even exists. 🙂 Have a lovely day.

Random Fact about me: I use my toes to pick things up… like a monkey… 😛

More Easter Fun


(left to right) Matt, Me, Carissa

So yesterday my lovely gentleman, my best friend and I all dyed Easter eggs and had a BLAST! Despite the fact that I posted all the lovely ideas for egg dying, we did none of them! We got two kits from Wal*Mart and did those. They were Dudley’s “Majestic Eggs” and “Color Burst” egg kits. SO much fun. Majestic Eggs was like… egg PAINT… and it was swirly and metallic and pretty 🙂 Color Burst was your typical egg dye but there was like a red sediment that made the egg look like it had streaks of red in it so it gave it more of a modeled look. Here are some pictures of our masterpieces. 😛

 dsc03135 810Ts2T-37L._SL1280_

Our Egg Dyes


This is the green color burst dye mixed with yellow majestic paint to create this… opal-y look.


The whole bunch 😛


I got creative at the end. This is a mix of yellow and orange color burst dyes. Then I took green majestic paint and painted Tigger on it with a tooth pick. 😛 I’m most proud of this one.

So I’ve been invited to Matt’s house for Easter this year and I’ve been enlisted to make a black berry cobbler by order of his dad. (Matt’s obsessed with blackberries.) So I figured I’d give y’all the ingredients to the cobbler I’m going to make and maybe you’ll try it out too. ^_^


Adapted from the Weight Watchers Cobbler Recipe, this only takes seconds to prepare in a 9 x 13 dish and bake in a 350 degree oven

Minutes to Prepare: 70
Minutes to Cook: 60
Number of Servings: 12


12 oz can sprite zero (or any other diet soda)

1 Box White Cake Mix

(2) 16 oz Bags of Frozen Fruit any kind
Baking Set Under $20 at Amazon


Yield: Serves 12

2- 16oz. bags of any frozen fruit
1 box white cake mix
1- 12 oz. can diet Sprite or diet 7-Up


Preheat 350 degrees F
Place both bags of frozen fruit into a 13 x 9-inch baking dish (do not thaw)
Sprinkle dry cake mix over the top of frozen fruit
Pour entire can of diet Sprite or diet 7-UP over mixture
Cover with foil and bake 20 minutes
Uncover and bake an additional 40 minutes
let cool

Number of Servings: 12



I hope everyone has a smashing good weekend and a lovely Easter. Toodloo 😉


Random fact about me: I hate pineapple whips.

Valentines, 1900’s, and the Viennese Waltz. <3

So Like I said I would, I am going to gush over how fabulous my Valentines Day was. Cuz it was fabulous… beyond belief.

My completely wonderful boyfriend was just…. so incredibly amazing to me. He treats me like a princess every day but this particular occasion he was just so thoughtful and nailed everything. It was so perfect.

He got my a gorgeous pot of Orchids which I named Mulan (Japanese for “Wild Orchid)Image

Yes I have a lot of wolf stuff…. Don’t judge. (that’s my trinket shelf)

Then I about died and went to heaven when he revealed the next thing…. He got my a photo album and filled it with pictures of sunsets and sunrises that he took with his own camera. Then wrote poems and song lyrics on note cards. A lot of the poems he wrote himself. Yes I was crying when I read them. Matt’s not a particularly crafty guy (so he says) but boy did he nail this one. ❤

No, my dresser is not dirty. It’s just 100 years old. (literally. It’s from the 1800’s and has a matching beveled mirror with carved wooden frame which is impossible to clean)

Then he got me Medieval Sims game (which I mentioned I wanted like once a year ago and he remembered. <3) It’s super fun and hilarious.


Yes her name is Lady Gwennaleer. (I call her Gwen when I’m yelling at her in person). Yes I named my kingdom Camel Lot. Cuz I’m so creative like that. I’ve already killed a bandit, put the town bully in the stockades and threw eggs at him, made bear soup, and went hunting. Gwen is a horndog lady (they have to have SOME sort of fatal flaw, as per the game’s instruction. Being a floozy was the best one I could find. [I couldn’t make her be blood thirsty!]) So she and the lead builder of the castle sort of fell in love…. but he’s ugly and I’m not happy with this so I might have her kill him off…. Yes I believe I adore this game.

Matt took me out to my favorite restaurant, Roma, and we had a dazzling time. There was live music and they were handing out roses to all of the couples in the building that night. 🙂 Mine was white (no picture. Sorry. Everyone has seen a rose though so quit crying.)
Then we went to Walmart and got some matching camo steering wheel covers (mine has pink trim so they’re more like… corresponding steering wheel covers) and some hilarious stickers you put on toilet seats. Then we went home and played Sims before heading to bed. (Not THAT kind of heading to bed. Don’t get your panties all up in a twist.)

So basically my night was perfect (for me). He could have gotten me nothing and it still would have been perfect. He just insists on treating me like royalty. 🙂


Okay enough with the gushing. Now I shall move on to my newest era obsession and how I REALLY want to learn how to ballroom dance.

I am OBSESSED with the 1900’s. Especially 19teens- 1960’s. Their clothing style and music and how men (were suppose to) treated women, this history of the time period… just everything. The clothing, especially, is what got me. Women’s style was just completely gorgeous. Just… so much so.



















This one might look familiar to y’all. Downton Abbey’s 19teens style :}




Ballroom Dancing!!!!!

Okay I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to learn how to ballroom dance. Specifically: The Waltz. More Specifically: The Viennese Waltz.

Check it out

Notice the 50’s style 😛 (my favorite of the three

Here’s another (more modern dressed now)

and another (Favorite couple)

aaaaand another (tied with the first for favorite song)

mmmm yes. I believe I NEED to learn how to do this. There are no if ands or buts about it.


I hope y’all had as wonderful a Valentines Day as I did. =} I hope that every day is fabulous for you and that life will be a barrel of monkies. Peace and Blessings y’all.

Switching finishes :]
Random fact about me: My favorite food is cheese tortellini with Italian mixed cream sauce -drool-

Valentines Day Dos and Don’ts

So Thursday will be my first official Valentines Day EVER. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am. I reserve the right to fangirl about it after the fateful V Day comes around so anti-gushers beware.
I feel the need to share a few tips for what to do and what not to do on V Day cuz… Well… I just feel the need to okay!

1) Dont dress like a skank. I know it’s the holiday of love but seriously folks be classy. Don’t look like an under age high school girl in a club trying to “get some”. Have a little self respect.
-> skank <-

2) Do look cute ^_^ It isn't often that you get to dress up for your hubby/boyfriend wify/girlfriend so take advantage of that.
Cute= this
Fancy Cute= this

Men should just look studly. Studly and respectable…
Like Ian Somerhalder
Fancy Ian 😉
Or Cris Pine
Fancy Cris
Tasty. 😉

3) Valentines Day doesn’t necessarily mean “eat like a pig”. The most common places a man takes a woman on a date to is Italian Restaurants ( my personal fave). Here are some healthy alternatives to the usually high calorie Italian foods one can get. 🙂
• Spinach and parmesan pizza
• Veggie pasta with marinara on the side, grilled chicken, and parmesan cheese
• exnay the bread sticks and have a salad, dressing on the side. Use Olive Oil instead of ranch.
• Vegetarian Lasagna… Actually not that bad. Tastes just as Italian as anything else.
• stuffed bell peppers/portabella mushroom tops. 🙂

• Orange Mango greek frozen yogurt
• strawberries (with Greek Gods yogurt instead of fruit dip. I swear the vanilla tastes EXACTLY THE SAME as fruit dip)
• Low fat cup cakes sweetened with Splenda with fat free whipped cream as the “icing” and a sliced strawberry as a garnish (looks like a cute lil heart)
• any of the Skinny Cow deserts (but unwrap them and arrange them first… If they’re still in the wrappers, it looks tacky and takes away from the romantic evening
• fruit in general (especially fun to feed each other)

Remember portion control!! Everything in Moderation!

4) please keep all reproductive organs to yourself unless your married… But seriously think about it… Most child birthdays are in the month of September/October because people are gettin it on on V-Day. So everyone will know what y’all were doing on Feb. 14th if your child is born in Sept. or Oct. um Le Aca-Akward *Fat Amy Voice*. And if you arent married, y’all shouldn’t be doin that crap anyway! Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

5) Flowers. Flowers are fabulous… But they’re even better when they’re ALIVE… Alive and photosynthesising and respirating. (Sorry we’re covering this in Bio 121 right now). Plants produce O2 y’all… Which that’s oxygen for those of you who missed that tidbit in science class. We breathe oxygen. Plants are literally keeping us alive. But they cant do that if they’re DEAD. So I even told my boyfriend: no flowers unless they’ve got roots and are plantable. 🙂 If not, books will do nicely. :} (still a dead plant but at least they last longer and I get more enjoyment out of them.)

6) Dont get your beloved an animal for V Day (or any holiday really) unless you’re married and have been talking about getting one and you do it as a team. Animals aren’t diamond rings. They aren’t play things. They’re alive and they need care and attention. They aren’t lawn ornaments either. Getting a pet is a SERIOUS commitment. Like having a baby. Don’t do it unless your sure. It’s not fair to them if YOU don’t love them… Someone else will and they’ll do a far better job at it than you will leaving them tied up in the back yard or left to wander the neighborhood. I know everyone wants that Lady and the Tramp moment but make sure both teams are ready for that commitment. ¿Comprende?

7) V Day is not about the material things your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse gets you or does for you. It’s about spending time with the person you love. About celebrating what you have together. About being happy and having fun together in a romantic setting. Or maybe it’s just a cute setting. Dinner and a movie is just as fabulous as something grandiose. Just remember: don’t expect your loved one to get you anything. That way you’ll be surprised when they do, you wont be comparing it to anyone else’s night, and you’ll love your beloved all the more for it.

🙂 It all comes down to respect, folks. Respect each other, respect everyone else (no snogging in the restaurant), respect pets, respect plants, and respect God 🙂

A note to the single:
Make yourself (and your bff, mom, sister, brother, dad, grandparents, cousin, aunt, uncle, ect.) some heart shaped pancakes and cupcakes, sit around watching adorable movies (or awesome movies if you’re a guy or an action-y girl), and be happy 🙂 your time will come and in the mean time, enjoy the day for what it is and love your family and the time spent with them. 🙂

Have. Wonderful Valentines Day folks. Be safe. Have fun. Fall in love. 🙂 ❤

Random thing I find cute: pygmy/teacup animals 😀


So I’ve got like…. -3% motivation to do homework… or anything really…  I don’t even really want to do this but you know I’ve not posted in a while and it beats homework…. I mean like seriously my brain feels like the consistency of cottage cheese… I don’t want to do ANYTHING…. anything except curling up watching a movie and pinterest just sounds gross…. I hate getting in these funks.

So I’m just sitting here… listening to some Steve Moakler. He’s my new musical discovery. I really like his stuff… he’s sort of got a John Mayer feel to him… only his music’s clean.

I get to sleep in tomorrow.. it’s my late class… YAAAAAY.

Okay seriously, I feel like I’m boring you guys… I need to come up with something interesting.

Yeah I don’t know…

I could talk about what I’m learning in Mythology???….. but… that’s school related… and I don’t wanna do that… and besides, my proff. can tell the stories so much better (Funniest teacher ever).

Apperantly my cat name is Chancellor Fishy McPaws…. If you want to recieve your cat name, Just use this silly facebook picture…


I’m tempted to make myself some cappuccino but that requires work…. hmmmm what to do….

Your welcome for that.

So I actually gave up on this several hours ago… then remembered I still had this app open on my lap top…. I suppose I should post this but it’s SO uninteresting…. -hunts through pinterest to find something to flair it up more than just a picture of the background on my laptop, cat names, and a sexy video-

Eh I failed. Night y’all


When I tell people that I want to start getting in shape again, they always stare at me aghast and with pity. They see a young lady whose not overweight by any means and is perfectly capable of functioning in ordinary every day life. What they fail to see is that ordinary is only good for personality. (Which I lean more towards odd and eccentric but who cares?)
My life… My ambitions… Are not ordinary. Nor have they ever been so. I want to run in the Color Run… Which if you don’t know what that is, it’s a 5K where they throw paint at you while you’re running so by the end of the run, you’re completely tie dyed.
They also don’t know that I want to learn how to skii and snowboard and serf. They don’t know that I want to rock climb and go hiking and camping and be able to hold a shot gun without getting tired quickly. They don’t know that I am completely unhappy with my sedentary, monocoloured life and that, to put it bluntly, I want to be fit.
I admit that part of it is vanity. I doubt there’s a single woman out there, Adele excluded, who doesn’t want to be in shape and strong. I’d like to be able to pull off my clothes and see my body and be PROUD of what I see. To see the stretch marks on a flat toned stomach and know that they aren’t a badge of weakness… But that I’m a gosh dang tigress whose earned her stripes. I want my man to be proud of me….. I know that he’ll love me no matter what I look like… But I want him to see me and be proud of what I’ve accomplished for myself…
I want to keep up with he and my dad as they work around the house and take care of the yard. I want a freaking victory garden and the strength to make one has to come from somewhere!
Most importantly I want to be HEALTHY… To EAT healthy and BE healthy so that I feel better. It’s my duty to keep myself in working order… In healthy, strong, capable order. I’ve a duty to my God to be everything that I can be so that he can use me however he wants. If my physical fitness is keeping me back, I need to change that so I can be a honed tool for God’s own will.
There’s so much more than just “not being fat”. Fit is a way of life. It’s what we do, how we act, how we think, what we eat. It doesn’t determine who we are… But it does determine what we can do with the body we’re given. My bucket list has a lot of active things on it: to walk the Grand Canyon on foot is one of them. You better believe it’ll do it to, and it’ll take a lot of hard work to get me there. 🙂
I encourage you, readers and fellow fitness geeks: it’s never too hard or not worth it. It’s NEVER impossible. Do your research, do your grocery shopping, do you reps, and go the distance. You’ll get there. 🙂

Random thing I find cute: bats…. Bats are adorable… Even the ugly ones with the wanky noses. They’re so ugly they’re cute ^_^

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